Thank you to all the players and spectators that came to support the Thrive Alliance Pickleball Tournament this weekend.
Thank you to all the volunteers & staff that donated their time for a well run tournament and for taking care of the players during the hot weather with plenty of cold water, hydration, hydrating snacks, & cold towels!
Shout out to Juliana Bernabe, Charlie Day and Nancy Conner with the Columbus Pickleball Club for all  they did to make tournament a success.
Below is a listing and photos of winners. A photo gallery of the day’s event can be found at this LINK.
Here are the results from Saturday!
Women’s Doubles 2.0-2.5
Gold: Wendy Fox & Janet Mace-Sublette
Women’s Doubles 2.5-3.0
Silver: Ashley Harrison & Karen Leach
Gold: Lauren Stroh & Katie Weismiller
Bronze: Lisa Whitlow-Hill & Gloria Crowell
Women’s Doubles 3.0-3.5
Silver: Juliana Bernabe & Jennifer Villiger
Gold: Cyndi Purvis & Bev Chinn
Bronze: Tami Schwenk & Kelly Fox
Men’s Doubles 2.5-3.0 L to R
Silver: Greg & Steve Manley
Gold: Patrick Overton & Phil Embrey
Bronze: Landon & Cory Brandt (also won Gold for 2.0-2.5)
Men’s Doubles 3.0-3.5
Silver: Dan Etter & Jamie Meredith
Gold: Mark Haskamp & Randall Blades
Bronze: Austin Carmack & Aaron Villiger
Sunday featured mixed doubles competitions. Here are the winners:
Beginners 2.0-2.5
GOLD: John and Marsha LaShorne
Recreational 2.5-3.0 L to R
SILVER: Wayne Purvis & Ashley Harrison
GOLD: Krista Reece & Greg Manley
BRONZE: Dave and Sue Wildemann

Intermediate Mixed Doubles:
SILVER: J D Martin and Tami Schwenk,
GOLD: Mike Fox and Kelly Fox
BRONZE: Juliana Bernabe and Kirk LaGiglia