Thrive Alliance Offers Free Online Platform for Caregivers

 Columbus – Thrive Alliance, in partnership with Trualta, is now offering a free online education and support platform that provides informal caregivers confidence. Accessible anytime, from any device, Trualta equips caregivers with relevant and clinically validated resources, practical tutorials, and a dependable community to support them. The platform, accessible at includes the following features.

Enhanced Caregiver Support
Trualta provides a learning platform and supportive online community that’s designed to meet the diverse needs of caregivers, enabling them to be more effective in their caregiving roles.

Personalized Learning Paths
Leveraging micro-assessments, user behavior, and user preferences, Trualta personalizes content to fit individual situations, ensuring relevance and applicability.

Accessible and Culturally Relevant
Trualta’s platform is accessible any time, allowing caregivers to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Content is available in English and Spanish with culturally relevant material.

Multimedia Resources
Recognizing different learning preferences, Trualta offers a variety of short form educational content including videos, articles, interactive activities, and live webinars to engage caregivers effectively.

Community and Support Networks
Beyond education, Trualta’s chat room connects caregivers with peers and experts for advice and support, fostering a community of shared knowledge and encouragement. Trualta’s support groups are facilitated by a registered nurse and caregiving expert.

Care Coaching
Trualta”s care coaches provide one-on-one guidance and communication with caregivers to walk them through the portal, direct them to resources, and provide a listening ear.

Anyone interested can sign up for access at no charge by going to and following the registration instructions.