Get to know our ADRC

As a member of INconnect Alliance, a statewide network of Indiana’s 16 Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC), we are a one-stop resource center for information about programs and services available to older adults, people with disabilities, or their caregivers.

With access to a comprehensive network of resources, the Options Counselors in our ADRC can connect those seeking information and assistance to Thrive Alliance services or to other community resource options. 

ADRC Staff Provides…

Assistance and support to help the person, the person’s family members, and caregivers assess existing and anticipated long-term needs.

Based on those identified needs, we provide comprehensive information on available public and private programs, including service providers and additional resources within our communities.

ADRC Options Counselors utilize a person-centered approach to assess each person’s needs, abilities, personal resources, and information support system. They help people identify appropriate private or public funding sources.

Throughout conversations, options counselors outline service options that meet an individual’s goals and discuss those options with the individuals, their families, and caregivers. Finally, Options Counselors will assist with determining eligibility for Thrive Alliance services when requested.

In recent surveys of those who have interacted with our Aging and Disability Resource Center staff, 95 percent felt information they were provided was helpful, 100 percent stated staff listened well to their concerns and focused on the individual’s personal goals, and,
100 percent stated they would recommend Thrive Alliance to others.