Dementia Care Programs

Dementia Friendly America 

Dementia Friendly America is a national network of communities, organizations and individuals seeking to ensure that communities across the U.S. are equipped to support people living with dementia and their caregivers. Dementia friendly communities foster the ability of people living with dementia to remain in community and engage and thrive in day to day living. Dementia Friendly America is administered by USAging

Among ways communities are becoming more Dementia Friendly, is for local businesses to become a part of the movement. Dementia Friendly America offers certification for businesses that would like to show their customers and clients that they are friendly to those in their communities who live with dementia. 

In August of 2023, Columbus, Indiana and Bartholomew County received Dementia Friendly Community recognition from USAging and Dementia Friendly America. A number of area business are undertaking steps to receive Dementia Friendly Business certification. 

Dementia Friends Indiana 

Dementia Friends USA is an initiative of the Demenia Friendly America movement. Utilizing the prescribed protocols of Dementia Friends Indiana, Thrive Alliance is collaborating with community partners in joining communities across the nation now actively preparing for the increasing numbers of people who will have dementia as the general population ages.

By creating dementia friendly communities, the Dementia Friends program raises awareness and develops respect for and inclusion of individuals with dementia. This initiative also provides support from initial diagnosis through progression of the disease for those with dementia, their partners, and families, and promotes meaningful engagement in community life.

Dementia Friends can be implemented both virtually and in person in all five counties that Thrive Alliance serves. Call 812-372-6918 or email [email protected] for more information.

Music and Memory

Thrive Alliance is certified as an In-Home Music and Memory provider. Grounded in extensive research, Music and Memory helps individuals living with a wide range of cognitive challenges and chronic pain, helping reduce depression, anxiety and the need for pain medication, a lessening of caregiver stress and an increase in family engagement.

After an assessment, participants receive an MP3 player with a personalized playlist. Listening to musical favorites taps deep into memory and can improve the person’s quality of life. Call 812-372-6918 or email [email protected] for more information.

Robotic Pet Program

Thrive Alliance offers a robotic pet program, in all five counties Thrive Alliance serves, for persons with dementia. The robots respond to touch and motion, by purring, barking and rolling over.

The interactive features mimic pet therapy for individuals affected by dementia, encouraging interaction, thereby reducing anxiety, depression, irritability, and loneliness often associated with dementia. For more information, persons can contact their Care Manger or call 812-372-6918 or email [email protected].

Dementia Care Coach

This position interacts directly with individuals receiving Thrive Alliance services who have dementia and their caregivers, to implement the optimum plan of care for those individuals.

The offerings of this program include caregiving counseling, education and referral, developing a crisis plan, facilitating weekly respite care, and connecting to monthly support groups. Call 812-372-6918 or email [email protected] for more information.

Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT), is an evidence-based program simulating changes associated with cognitive decline. The VDT builds sensitivity and awareness in individuals caring for those with dementia by temporarily altering participants’ physical and sensory abilities. It builds a greater understanding of dementia through experiential learning and post-tour instruction. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and can be arranged by contacting Sue Lamborn with Thrive Alliance at 812-372-6918.