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Care with Thrive Alliance

The Family Caregiver Program works to empower and support caregivers because strong families are the foundation of a thriving community.

If you are:

  • A family caregiver to an older adult or someone with a disability.
  • A grandparent or relative raising children.
  • Residing in Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson or Jennings County.
  • In need of information on caregiver support, education, respite care.
  • In need of assistance in accessing services and community resources.

We can help!

  • Resources and information to Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children.
  • Respite Services to Family Caregivers of Older Adults with Chronic Conditions.
  • Information, Referral & Access Assistance to Community Resource for Family Caregivers.




Call the Family Caregiver Services Coordinator at 812-372-6918 for more information!